Nebula Setups 2.5 released

What’s new:

  • Mac OS X: full support for 64 bit AU (Audio Units) based setups
  • ACQUA plugins management (engine updating)
  • skin selector now shows images (more than 100 skin thumbnails provided)
  • backup option when updating setups or ACQUA plugins
  • version information for setups and ACQUA plugins
  • Quick Guide PDF renamed to User’s Manual PDF – updated with 2.5 features
  • Mac OSX: new installation package

For more info and downloads visit Nebula Setups 2 product page.

Nebula Setups 2.2 released

  • Nebula parameter tweaks improvements (local and global tweaks)
  • Nebula parameter tweaks list – copy/paste functionality
  • support for ACQUA plug-in content/programs
  • support for decrypted skins
  • new XML formatted screen layout file
  • ACQUA dynamic programing library updated to version 1.3.786
  • Quick Guide PDF updated
  • Version History and Nebula Tools FAQ PDF files now included with the installation package
  • Mac OSX: QT framework updated to version 4.8.5
  • Mac OSX bug fixed: setup preview was very unstable (crashing)
  • Mac OSX Mavericks bug fixed: application font was not aligned properly

This version is mandatory, when using some of the newer Nebula libraries like Tim Petherick’s U76.

For more info and downloads visit Nebula Setups 2 product page.

Important info for OSX users

32 bit (x86) OSX versions of Nebula Setups 2.1 & NebulaMan 2 (in development) will NOT be available, because there is too much tricky stuff to be done to support Carbon based 32 bit plugins inside Cocoa based QT framework, which is a foundation for my programs. As x86 architecture will soon be completely obsolete on OSX, further development of 32 bit tools is now officially abandoned. Since Nebula Setups already supports both 32 and 64 bit setups, this is not an issue.