NebulaMan 1.5.2 released

What is new?

  • OSX 64 bit version
  • issues with sidechain programs loading hopefully fixed. Note, that NebulaMan
    still doesn’t support sidechaining. Regardless, sidechain programs can now be

You can find the latest NebulaMan downloads in the “User Area/My Downloads/Specials/Tools/NebulaMan” section of your user account at Acustica Audio website.

NebulaMan, Nebula Setups – missing IPPS libraries

Both programs currently use ACQUA library which needs IPP libraries (Intel Integrated Performance Primitives) version 7. Version 7 is installed with Nebula versions from 1.3.499 to 1.3.505 (to my knowledge).

Version 1.3.6xx installs IPP version 8. To use NebulaMan or Nebula Setups with 1.3.6xx, you have to install older version of Nebula first (installing both 32 and 64 bit is recommended). Then finally upgrade to 1.3.6xx.

Programs will be updated with the latest ACQUA soon, so old Nebula will not be required anymore.

The latest releases – Nebula Setups 2 and NebulaMan 1.5.x, now come with the latest ACQUA 1.3.602 or greater.

If you still use Nebula prior to, send me an email and i will help you.

Sorry for inconvenience!

Franci Zabukovec from Zabukowski Software interviewed

Published in Acustica Audio December 2012 newsletter.

Acustica Audio: How did you know about Acustica Audio and Nebula?

Franci Zabukovec: I’ve heard about if mostly via internet – several audio related forums and web sites. I’ve also found some information about it in music magazines. Finally, my good friend, musician and Nebula user, recommended it to me as the Holy grail of the plugins – he was right, I must say 🙂
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NebulaMan 1.2 released

What is new ?

  • Project Pool designed from scratch, completely replaces previous Rendering Plan dock. The central place of each NebulaMan project with a customizable tree structure of nodes (groups, directories and files) makes rendering more easy and fun. Project pool also allows each node to have its own, local values of properties (normalising etc.)
  • audio file’s File statistics option (peak, average RMS and min/max RMS values) – accessible through Project pool
  • audio file’s broadcast information (Broadcast Wave Chunk) support (retained through the whole rendering process)
  • audio file’s EBU R128 loudness information (integrated loudness, loudness range and true peak values), multichannel audio files are supported – accessible through Project pool
  • EBU R128 loudness post FX normalization of audio files (-23 LUFS) – accessible through Project pool
  • foreground rendering (Settings/Reload FX when rendering) – no more duplicated resources and increased waiting time when rendering; very efficient with larger FX chains!
  • support for the industry standard FLAC format (both rendering and preview)
  • quick preview file selection: drag and drop an audio file from the operating system file system to the preview button
  • A lot of small and not so small (in)visible changes, optimizations and bugfixes have been  made as well.

To download the latest update, please visit NebulaMan product page.

I hope you’ll enjoy this new version of NebulaMan as much as I do. I consider this update a strong and stable foundation for the future NebulaMan developments.

And finally, BIG thanks for your support!
Franci Zabukovec (Zabukowski)