NebulaMan, Nebula Setups – missing IPPS libraries

Both programs currently use ACQUA library which needs IPP libraries (Intel Integrated Performance Primitives) version 7. Version 7 is installed with Nebula versions from 1.3.499 to 1.3.505 (to my knowledge).

Version 1.3.6xx installs IPP version 8. To use NebulaMan or Nebula Setups with 1.3.6xx, you have to install older version of Nebula first (installing both 32 and 64 bit is recommended). Then finally upgrade to 1.3.6xx.

Programs will be updated with the latest ACQUA soon, so old Nebula will not be required anymore.

The latest releases – Nebula Setups 2 and NebulaMan 1.5.x, now come with the latest ACQUA 1.3.602 or greater.

If you still use Nebula prior to, send me an email and i will help you.

Sorry for inconvenience!