Nebula Setups 2.2 released

  • Nebula parameter tweaks improvements (local and global tweaks)
  • Nebula parameter tweaks list – copy/paste functionality
  • support for ACQUA plug-in content/programs
  • support for decrypted skins
  • new XML formatted screen layout file
  • ACQUA dynamic programing library updated to version 1.3.786
  • Quick Guide PDF updated
  • Version History and Nebula Tools FAQ PDF files now included with the installation package
  • Mac OSX: QT framework updated to version 4.8.5
  • Mac OSX bug fixed: setup preview was very unstable (crashing)
  • Mac OSX Mavericks bug fixed: application font was not aligned properly

This version is mandatory, when using some of the newer Nebula libraries like Tim Petherick’s U76.

For more info and downloads visit Nebula Setups 2 product page.