Nebula Setups 2.5.1 released

What’s new:

  • New “Factory name” parameter in ACQUA plugin editor – it should contain the original ACQUA plugin name (without extension). This is required ONLY if you rename ACQUA plugins to different names than original.
  • “Save” dialog now includes “Settings” button for the last moment settings changes before saving
  • additional diagnostic related to version information (both Setups and ACQUA Plugins managers)
  • information about setup’s default (autoload) program is now displayed in the status line
  • when saving AU setup, program checks if MAGIC parameter tweak is present – if not, a warning is generated. This is to avoid possible issues with AU setups non-detection in AU host programs. Note that Setups Manager does not perform this check.
  • added PEARL, OCHRE, SCARLET and VERSATILE ACQUA plugin definitions
  • ACQUA plugin editor now shows warning only when you try to cancel/discard actual changes
  • updated ACQUA programming library
  • bugfixes
  • updated User’s Manual PDF

For more info and downloads visit Nebula Setups 2 product page.