Nebula Setups 2.6 released

Nebula Setups 2.6

Nebula Setups 2.6








What’s new:

  • support for 32 and 64 bit AAX setups (Windows, OS X)
  • support for 32 and 64 bit Juce based AU setups (OS X)
  • new AAX and AU options in Save dialog and Setups manager
  • new option »Rescan« in Setups and ACQUA manager – forces rescan of plugins
  • overhauled Preferences window (each setup format now has its own tab – VST, AU, AAX)
  • new AAX related tweak – PLUGINTYPE (Pro Tools plugin category)
  • additional ACQUA plugin definitions and skin thumbnails
  • ACQUA C++ programming library updated to version 1.4.010 – this should fix crashes at program startup with some configurations
  • if (some of) setup’s programs are not present in Nebula repository when opening a setup, error message is displayed
  • bugfix: to avoid possible crash, setup preview now checks for the actual existence of a plugin to be previewed
  • bugfix: plugin version was not always retrieved properly
  • bugfix: setup renaming could fail under some circumstances

Nebula Setups 2 Version History PDF

For more info and downloads visit Nebula Setups 2 product page.