NebulaMan 2 release candidate 1

We are getting close to the final release 🙂

What’s new:

  • locators now visible on waveform as white vertical lines
  • if not valid, locator values are now reset to the current file’s size
  • improved waveform behaviour with smaller files
  • program architecture now displayed in the title bar (x86, x64)
  • master fader’s minimum value is now labeled “-inf”
  • EBU R 128 normalization option now works as expected
  • improved “Check for update” option
  • Tools / Update description option removed (not supported anymore because of tehnical reasons)
  • fixed: waveform was not displayed when files contained UNICODE characters (windows)
  • fixed: in some cases waveform was not properly redrawn/resized
  • fixed: Project pool normalization options were not always loaded correctly

For more info and downloads visit NebulaMan product page.