Nebula Setups 2

The latest stable version: 2.6 (Windows x86/x64, Mac OS X x64)

Nebula Setups  (AAX / Pro Tools)

Note: Nebula Setups 2 is NOT compatible with N4 (Nebula 4).

Nebula Setups 2 is a 2nd generation tool for making a customized versions of Nebula plugin (so called “setups”). For each setup, desired Nebula programs and skin can be selected (for example, you can have one Nebula plugin version with tape programs, the other with consoles etc.). In addition to the powerful features like Setup tracking, Setups Manager, Tweaks, ACQUA Plugins manager etc., now preview of the setup’s VST plugin is possible inside Nebula Setups.

For using different appropriate skins, you need to create multiple .dll and xml files, each .dll and xml file should exactly the same name. For superior and easy control over this get Zabukowski’s Nebula setups.
Tim Petherick (3rd party Nebula programs developer –

“Dude! This thing rocks! Between your software and the Logic Pro X plug-in manager, Nebula3 has just jumped up to a whole new level for me! Thank you x100!
Cheers, Paul


Downloads – stable release:
Nebula Setups 2.6 for Windows (32 bit)
Nebula Setups 2.6 for Windows (64 bit)
Nebula Setups 2.6 for Mac OSX (64 bit)

Other downloads:
License file (use mouse right-click and “Save as …” option)

To complete the registration procedure, save license file to a temporary folder of your choice, run Nebula Setups 2 and select menu option ‘Help / About Nebula Setups’ on Windows or ‘Nebulasetups2 / About Nebulasetups2’ on Mac OS X. A license information dialog will show up. Click on the ‘Install license’ button and select the previously saved license file from your temporary folder. When the license is imported, its data is displayed in the dialog window.

The same license file works on all supported operating systems. You can install your license on any computer, which has your licensed copy of Nebula software installed.

Nebula Setups 2 Version History PDF
Nebula Setups 2 User’s Manual PDF (updated to 2.6)

New in v2.5 - AU setups in Logic X

Nebula Setups (AU /Logic X Pro)

New in v2.5 - ACQUA Plugins Manager

ACQUA Plugins Manager

New in v2.5 - Mac OS X installer

Mac OS X installer

New in v2.5 - skin images (thumbnails)

Skin images (thumbnails)

VST Setup preview

VST Setup preview

Nebula Tweaks

Nebula Tweaks

Setups Manager

Setups Manager

Setups in action (screenshot kindly provided by Martin Walker)

Nebula Setups (VST) in action (screenshot kindly provided by Martin Walker)