Nebula Setups 2

The latest stable version: 2.6 (Windows x86/x64, Mac OS X x64)

Nebula Setups  (AAX / Pro Tools)

Nebula Setups 2 is a 2nd generation tool for making a customized versions of Nebula plugin (so called “setups”). For each setup, desired Nebula programs and skin can be selected (for example, you can have one Nebula plugin version with tape programs, the other with consoles etc.). In addition to the powerful features like Setup tracking, Setups Manager, Tweaks, ACQUA Plugins manager etc., now preview of the setup’s VST plugin is possible inside Nebula Setups.

For using different appropriate skins, you need to create multiple .dll and xml files, each .dll and xml file should exactly the same name. For superior and easy control over this get Zabukowski’s Nebula setups.
Tim Petherick (3rd party Nebula programs developer –

“Dude! This thing rocks! Between your software and the Logic Pro X plug-in manager, Nebula3 has just jumped up to a whole new level for me! Thank you x100!
Cheers, Paul


Downloads – stable release:
You can find the latest Nebula Setups  downloads in the “Customer Area/Dashboard/My Products – Downloads/Nebula Setups 2” section of your user account at Acustica Audio website.

Other downloads:
Nebula Setups 2 Version History PDF
Nebula Setups 2 User’s Manual PDF (updated to 2.6)

New in v2.5 - AU setups in Logic X

Nebula Setups (AU /Logic X Pro)

New in v2.5 - ACQUA Plugins Manager

ACQUA Plugins Manager

New in v2.5 - Mac OS X installer

Mac OS X installer

New in v2.5 - skin images (thumbnails)

Skin images (thumbnails)

VST Setup preview

VST Setup preview

Nebula Tweaks

Nebula Tweaks

Setups Manager

Setups Manager

Setups in action (screenshot kindly provided by Martin Walker)

Nebula Setups (VST) in action (screenshot kindly provided by Martin Walker)

33 thoughts on “Nebula Setups 2

  1. Hi,
    this is REALLY like a breeze after you did the job once… !
    Such a great tool !

    I’ve got a question : i’ve got some AITB library and it works with a ser/lic mode.
    I’ve noticed that the only setups that makes my daw crash are the one made upon AITB library (Fate, mammooth, all the rvb). So one question : should I put the SER /LIC files also in the same rep than the xml and dll ?

    • If standard Nebula plugin works with specific library (like AITB), then a setup should work as well. No need for additional license handling. I am using a Mammooth here without a problem.

  2. Great release.
    It seems that even with heavy loaded project, I can open an AITB librarie now.
    I dont know if it’s because acqua 1.3.602 but that’s really better.

  3. I bought Nebula Setups today from the Acoustica web site

    it tells me I need a lic file to authorize it
    the payment pages said it would be emailed to me, but I have not received it.
    I did get a receipt for the order and the payment by email but no lic file so I can’t really use the program…
    I have emailed to Enrique at Acoustica but no response yet.
    I must say, in this day and age of online purchase and delivery, we, the end user expects to be able to use what we buy almost instantly. Perhaps you can have a talk with the Acoustica people about this ?

  4. Hello,
    I am a customer of “acustica audio” and I have many doubts with a purchase made recently. I hope you can help me.
    I have bought the NVC- songtec driver for Sontes EQ in the following webpage:
    By purchasing it I thought that the SONTEC library would be loaded immediately, but it was not, after this I understood I needed a program called nebulasetup , and I have purchased this program last night.
    Well I want you to know that I cannot read English and I found the instructions hard to understand.
    What I want to know is this :
    Is the NVC- Songtec going to load the SONTEC libraries (that I purchased in cdsoundmaster) without opening any nebula plugings?
    how does this driver work?

    The truth is that I’m pretty lost .

    What I know is that using the nebulasetup program I have to convert some XML files and after this I will be able to load my SONTEC libraries in NVC- Songtec. Won’t I?

    For what nebulasetup works exactly ? I have bought it recently but I don’t know what specifically function meets (to run my NVC SONTEC EQ controller has turned very hard)

    I need help urgently please !

    Once you can help me and give clear instructions with some or all of my questions , a friend would help me reading what you will suggest me.

    I will appreciate any help on your part. I want to make things right with nebulasetup as it has cost me 30 euros. NVC- songtec also has cost me 30 euros , and I need to operate optimally both tools.

    Again, I appreciate any possible help in a clear and pedagogical way.

    Thank you.
    From Chile, Samy Cisternas.

  5. hello
    appears to create xml error:
    Can not creare file C :/ Program Files (86) / VSTPlugins/nebularemprepositor/acustica/250-NEW setup.xml
    please help.

  6. Hi, I’m having a problem with Nebula Setups. As an example:
    The Drum Compressor library is not complete. I only have some of the folders and some of the presets, like when Nebula allowed smaller libraries. In Nebula_Reverb VST I have all my libraries.
    What can I do?

    • Please send more details to software dot support at zabukowski dot com.

      Nebula Setups version, OS, Nebula version etc.

      I’ve never encountered this kind of problem, your are talking about CDS Drum Compressor ? I have it working here …
      Does any other library expose this kind of problems ?

      • I’m with Nebula Setups 2 dev 3 on Windows 7 64bit. It seems like the limitation that Nebula had a cfew updates ago in the maximum number of programs.

  7. Been making setups with ease … until about an hour ago. The last setup I successfully created was for AITB Ear Reverbs. Now I get message that “Can Not Load Acqua Library — Check Settings”. Well, I check setting, and everything is set–repository folder is correct. I even uninstalled Nebula Setups and reinstalled, but I still get message.
    I am using latest version of Nebula and latest version of Setups.
    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    (I suspect AITB did something strange, but that is only a suspicion.)

  8. Hi,
    I purchased a Nebula Setups 2 license from the Acustica Audio web site on Friday morning (about 10:30 AM Lodi, Italy time) but I have not yet received the license file via email. I hope all is well.



  9. Hi,
    running the lastest version of Nebula setups on osx 10.6.8.
    not sure the installation did it properly, i can’t see those 100 skins included, and when i save my setup, i have the message : No Magic parameter tweak…etc..
    I have also updated Nebula Pro 3 to the lastest version..
    What can i do…?
    PS i’m reading the manuel .. 🙂
    Thanks Zab !

    • Skins are NOT included – just thumbnails for easier skin selection are included.

      MAGIC parameter tweak is ESSENTIAL when creating AU setups – please look at the User’s Manual (Audio Units setup format specifics).

      For further support, please write to: software dot support at zabukowski dot com


  10. Hi. Do you guys have checked compatibility with Nebula 4? It seems to mess with my .xml and crash whenever I try to open the VST after I try to save a setup

    All the best

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