The latest stable version: 2.0 (win x86/x64, osx x64)

NebulaMan is a standalone application for processing (previewing/rendering) audio material with the excellent Acustica Audio Nebula processor. It runs on Windows and Mac OSX compatible computers. As a successor of the popular NRGUI PRO application, NebulaMan introduces many new advanced features for Nebula users – Project pool, direct access to the Nebula parameters, background rendering, crossplatform compatibility and many more.

NebulaMan 2 for Windows (32-bit)
NebulaMan 2 for Windows (64-bit)
NebulaMan 2 for Mac OSX (64-bit)

NebulaMan version history PDF
NebulaMan Quick Guide (updated to 1.5.2)

What do users think about NebulaMan?

Right now I’m using NebulaMan for two different clients, one of them has 100+ tracks including orchestra per song, and the entire album got massively rendered… when brought back to Pro Tools it perfectly aligns with the original ones, no delays, no spikes, perfect!
I get to a point where, after recording sessions with a client, I leave the studio PC rendering for 7 – 8 hours during night (serious amount of tracks, groups within groups, with Pre’s, Tapes etc..) and NebulaMan nails everything with perfection!
João Dourado

“If you want rendering your tracks with Nebula’s presets, I strong recommend the NebulaMan by Zabukowski.”
Alessandro Boschi (3rd party Nebula programs developer –

“I used this program a little, as a tool, during the development (some) of these effects. Its function is to apply one or more Nebula programs to multiple audio files. It’s a batch processor for Nebula. It did the job MUCH faster than a batch script with my favorite .wav editor! You can use it to process each track in a mix with a favorite Nebula effect or chain, to add a little analog flavor to each element before mixing. Check it out!
NebulaMan does what I needed! And wow, it processed over a thousand files in a few minutes! Really fast. I’m sure I’ll get some good use out of it!”

Tim Cupwise (3rd party Nebula programs developer –

„Thanks for your working hard for Nebula users!“
Ken Mornhill

„This is a great tool, thanks for making it available.“

Tim Candy

„I thank you highly what you´re doing, what a great tool you´re developing. I find it so usefull.“

Ernesto Ronchell

„First of all, big respect for what you do.“
Rebel Steppa

“I’ve been working with your program for the last weeks. its a life saver and the perfect program to work with Nebula. Thanks a lot! I guess i have to even mention you on our next release booklet cause we couldnt use Nebula so heavy without NebulaMan.“
Remo Audiolife

„Thank you ever so much for developing a much needed tool!“
Rob Williams

„Thanks for developing this software!“
Bliss Payne

„Working perfect!!! Thanks for everything, and congratulations for your program.“
Pedro Virgil

„Your program has been ESSENTIAL. Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to do large scale a/b comparisons and double blinds to determine if i will use Nebula and I couldn’t have done it nearly as fast without it.„
Jarrett Holmes

„Thanks for excellence!„
Tom McVeet

Awesome tool thats saving me a ton of time doing big batch rendering of specific tasks. GUI and parameter access is a fantastic edition to the Nebula technology.“
GreekPeet (Nebula forums)

Great job! So far, on Lion your batch render with Nebula is better than Wavelab 7. More than “better” I’d like to say “it’s possible”. „
Dream (Nebula forums)