1.5 update in detail

Here it is – a long awaited NebulaMan 1.5 update, which brings a lot of new, powerful features. I can finally say that NebulaMan is now capable of things which I’ve dreamt of since the first release of the program. Sure, there is always room for improvement and yes, there is already a nice TO-DO list for the next NebulaMan version 🙂

But let us concentrate on this update for now. I am quite certain that you won’t be dissapointed with it. Just take your time and read the NebulaMan Quick Guide, which will help you get the most out of the program.

Upgrade to version 1.5 is strongly recommended for all NebulaMan users. I am already using it in my everyday music production as well =:)

This update is free of charge for registered NebulaMan users.

To download, visit NebulaMan product page.

Nebula category tree
New category view (with searching capabilities) improves the overview of the installed Nebula programs (repository) and makes searching even more efficient.


Rendering items with custom FX chains
Assign a custom chain of Nebula programs to each rendering item (file, directory, group) to create powerful rendering setups. Handle even the most complex rendering scenarios without hassle.




Multi-config mode
Define different Nebula configurations for each loaded Nebula program (typical usage with compression programs).





Preview sources
Load multiple FX chains of Nebula programs at the same time. Switch between them while previewing an audio file. A/B comparisions has never been easier.


“True Peak” input normalizing
New input normalizing mode, best suited for audio material with high transients and low RMS levels. Can be used both for preview and rendering tasks.


“Project Pool Template” files
Save your favorite rendering setups (including items with their properties and FX chains) as Project pool templates and use them anytime later in any project.




“FX Chain” files
Save your favorite Nebula program combinations (including their parameters) as FX chain files and use them anytime later in any project.





Advanced Nebula program parameter/slider editing

Fine tune Nebula program parameters using keyboard shortcuts and a brand new dialog window for a precise value entering.





And many more …

  • copy/paste support for the loaded Nebula FX (programs)
  • “Reset current FX” option
  • faster rendering initialization with less resources used
  • improved metering with peak value information
  • sample rate handling simplified
  • additional drag and drop support
  • additional keyboard shortcuts
  • “Check for Update” option
  • “Zabukowski Software Webpage” option
  • common folder for settings, screen layout, etc.
  • license installation/removal within a program
  • updated NebulaMan Quick Guide
  • improvements, optimizations and bugfixes